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Monday, November 13, 2017

Draw Near to God, and He Will Draw Near to You

There was this young boy called Jim. He always felt the need to pray. He decided that each day, he would go to church three times for two minutes prayer. In the morning, he would walked into the church, kneel down, and say, “Jesus, this is Jim”. 

Then he would leave the church. In the afternoon and evening, he would come back again, and say his favourite prayer “Jesus this is Jim.” He continued doing this for months but he was interrupted for by illness. His illness made him to be admitted into the hospital. His parent would only visit him once in a week because of their financial statues. Hence he was left in the hands of the hospital care giver whose availability was minimal. 

However, each day people come to the hospital ward in which he was admitted to visit other sick patients, they always see Jim brim with happiness. Jim’s sick neighbor inquired about the secret of his constant happiness. Jim replied, “When people come to greet their love ones, someone always come to greet me and he always say, ‘Jim this is Jesus’”

  • Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. James 4:8. God is always close to those who love him, especially in times of trouble.
  • Any amount of time spent with in communion with Jesus is always enriching and rewarding.
   photo credit: https://kzlam36.wordpress.com

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