Dr. Raddhakrishnan, a onetime president of India, made his
first visit to the United States when John F. Kennedy was the president. The
weather was dark and stormy in Washington when Dr. Radhakrishnan alighted from
the plane. Suddenly, it began to rain heavily.

The young American president greeted his India counterpart
with a warm handshake and a smile. “I’m so sorry we have such a bad weather
during your visit,” he remarked courteously. The India president smiled. “We can’t
change bad things, Mr. President, but we can only change our attitude towards

From: it’s All a
matter of Attitude” by Dr. Prabha and Krishna Kumari


In life, there is so much to complain about. Sometimes the
more one complain, the more one become frustrated. In all the difficulties that
confronts us in life, it is our attitude towards them that matters. When you
find yourself in a situation that you cannot change the course of event around
you, it is better you change your attitude towards it. 

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