Loss, grief, and trauma are overwhelming feelings to deal with for any clinician working on people. This is because people go through these feeling differently. Jennifer had all going on well for her. She found love so intense, deep, and yet short lived in Johnson. He was the definition of all she wanted in a man.

They were a material to behold. Johnson left town to inform his widowed mother in the village about his new found love and would-be wife. He went to the village as a human. Jennifer received him back as a corpse. Everything ended so fast like a dream. Today she still walks around with his picture in her purse. She said, “at the funeral, the preacher told us that we all will reunite with our loved ones some day”, and now my question is, she said; “will we still be in love in heaven? Do relationships exist beyond this life?”
Against the risk of sounding too philosophical, at resurrection we all will take on glorified bodies. There are basically two modes of existence. An existence constrained by time and space, and another one where time is no more. Anytime you move from a time bound existence to a level where the eternal comes in, existence here completely takes on a different mode of being. In Mt. 22: 30, Jesus said at resurrection people aren’t given to marriage.


When you’re in the eternal presence of God, you will love again but not in the earthly physical manner. Because there is a transcending gloriousness with which you will then relate. Everything dissolves in the presence of a pure communion with God. We empathise with the so many ‘Jennifers’ walking on our streets today broken and in need of healing.


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