In our world, some people
suffer from self-depreciation, lack of confidence, and deep seated feelings of
inadequacy. They feel incompetent, insecure, and inept. People of this kind,
which can be called self-depreciated people never control their life. They allow
themselves to be controlled by others people’s negative opinion about them.
Their life is indeed shaped by their fear. Although, it may seems challenging,
people can if they truly will, move up, out and beyond those negatives

Self-image is a mental
picture you take on yourself, how you behave as a member of a family depends on
how you see yourself. What your friends, peers your brothers and sisters,
colleagues, and associate think of you, your pass successes and failures, all
revolve around your self-image. The physical appearance you project, and what
will happen if you take certain decision matters a lot.
People with positive
self-image have these characteristics. They respect others and they respect
themselves. They know they are imperfect and moving towards perfection. They
give all their time to their families, spouse, children, business, jobs, and
People with positive
self-image make good things happen. They work towards making life better,
advancing technology, creating jobs, and helping others to succeed. Those with
positive self-image are fun to be around, assume leadership positions live well
financially and set a great example for others.
Other the other hand, folks
with negative self-image are convinced that they are second class individuals.
They are afraid to stand up to the challenges of daily living. They withdrew
from helping others because their effort would probably be useless anyway.
People who evaluate
themselves negatively make up the masses of people who fail, or at best, live
in mediocrity. They endure a lot of defeat and discomfort.


A company needed the position
of general administrative assistance, and placed advertisement on an ‘open
salary’. A lot of applications were received. The employment board finally
narrowed down to two people. Both were of the same age and career level, and
both also had similar career paths. After thorough examinations and interviews,
Mr. A and Mr. B look like identical twins. Who do you think should be employed?
Mr. B was employed. Do you know the reason?
Since the salary was ‘open’,
Mr. A was asked which compensation he expected. His voice changed, lost eye-contact,
and almost in whisper stated his figure which was about what the company
thought the job was worth.
Later that same day,
salary expectations was also discuss with Mr. B. he was asked the same question
that Mr. A was asked? ‘What salary do you expect? He looked straight to the eye
of the interviewer. In a steady and direct voice, and without wavering a bit,
he quoted a figure that was fifty percent higher than what Mr. A requested. Mr.
B was told that another person apparently equally qualified has accepted the
job for a lesser pay. Then Mr. B said “I am sure the other applicant you are
considering would do a good job. But I feel I can do a great Job. I have
extraordinary initiative and enthusiasm. I think I will prove to be worth every
amount you pay me, plus a lot more.

You can see that Mr. B
simply had a higher regard for himself than Mr. A. how do you see regard

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