all worry about many things. Our health, family, children, friends, finances,
business, old age, and what will happen when will die. Does worrying change a
situation? Certainly not! Worrying leaves us in a state of anxiety over all
sorts of things; both real and imagine. Worry create confusion and makes one
behave like narcissus. While accepting our challenges, and working to correct
them might not produce an expected outcome, we are better off shifting our
worries to concrete action.

If nothing else, the effort will help us feel that
we are being proactive. Worry not properly attended to bring about stress, it
makes people overwhelmed with illusion. It brings about loneliness. People has
ended up being desperate, sick, heartbroken, confused and paralyzed as a result
of worry. 

A Story: The
Traveler & The Shepherd

A worrisome traveler was always in the habit of interrogating people he met on
his travels about the impending weather. Even though he checked himself, he would
ask folks the same question, again and again. just to confirm what he already
knew. They would tell him the weather was X and the worrisome traveler would
continue on his journey, still worrying about the accuracy of the information
he had received. One day, he met a wise shepherd and, turning to the Shepherd,
the Traveler asked his usual questions.
Traveler: “What kind of weather are we going to have today?”
Shepherd: “The kind of weather I like.”
Traveler: “How do you know it will be the kind of weather you like?”
Shepherd: “Having found out, sir, that I cannot always get what I like, I have
learned to always like what I get. So I am quite sure we will have the kind of
weather I like.”


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