Do you have the Heart of a Mouse?

Do you have the Heart of a Mouse?Do you have the Heart of a Mouse? A mouse was in constant distress because of its fear of the cat. A magician took pity on it and turned it into a cat. But then it became afraid of the dog.

So the magician turned it into a dog. Then it began to fear the panther, so the magician turned it into a panther. Whereupon it was full of fear for the hunter.

At this point, the magician gave up. He turned it into a mouse again saying, “Nothing I do for you is going to be of any help because you have the heart of a mouse.”


Fear is one of the most powerful emotions that humans experience. It can control our thoughts, our actions, and even our decisions. Fear can be helpful in some situations, like when it motivates us to avoid dangerous situations. But in other situations, fear can be paralyzing and can prevent us from living our lives to the fullest.

Fear is often the root of many mental health disorders, like anxiety and depression. When we’re constantly living in fear, it takes a toll on our mental and physical health. Fear can cause us to miss out on important life experiences, and it can even lead to suicide.

If you’re struggling with fear, seek out professional help. There are many people who understand what you’re going through and who want to help. if you feel like you can’t overcome your fears on your own, don’t quit therapy.  And remember, it’s okay to be scared. What matters is how you deal with that fear. Fear would make a human have the heart of a mouse as in the story above. But you don’t need to have a heart of a mouse. The question again is: Do you have the Heart of a Mouse? 

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