Looking on the bright side


Looking on the bright sideLooking on the bright side: On the need to be Positive Minded.

A world-famous shoe manufacturer took a decision to expand his business, by setting up a new branch in a remote, little – known country. He called up one of his marketing managers and sent him to the country to explore the possibility of setting up a new factory there.

The young executive flew out the next day. But within 24 hours of reaching there he called his boss. “This place is not good for our business,” he said gloomily. “people do not wear shoes out here. We had better forget any notion setting up a factory here. It simply won’t work. I am catching the next flight.”


The boss was highly dissatisfied with the report. He had to set his heart on doing what he wanted. He called another young manager, from his marketing managers and sent him out with the same order. Within few hours of getting there, this young manager called his boss with great excitement. “This place is unbelievable,” he exclaimed. “our business is going to bloom here. These people don’t even know what shoes are like. When we introduce shoes here, we shall have a whole, new, untapped market. Please send in our planners and designers as soon as you can. We must set up a factory here, and win all the way.

(Extracted from “it’s All a Matter of Attitude.” by Dr. Prabha Sampath and Krishna Kumari)


What a difference a positive attitude can make? Where a pessimist looks and see despair, an optimist looks and sees hope. In the moments of sorrow, pains and difficulties, our mindset will determine how things will result. A transformed mind leads to transformed attitudes and behaviours. Looking on the bright side is a cognitive therapy/

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