Some Tips on How to Overcome Depression

Some Tips on How to Overcome DepressionDepression is a deep sadness, emptiness and hopelessness. It is dramatically feeling alone even when you are with someone. It is a feeling as though you are struggling day and night without any reason. If you are having feelings of prolonged sadness, emptiness and hopelessness then you need some tips on how to overcome depression

Depression can be sometimes being too tired to wake up in the morning even though you slept enough hours or feeling like your body has no energy to paint a smile on your face.

Depression can also be a lasting battle between the victim’s mind and heart.  A depressed person could be drowning in the sea of depression without anyone knowing. It comes without any warning, never giving you a rest despite all your efforts to fight it. It’s like being trapped in a cage that no one can open no matter how hard you try.

Here are some tips on how to overcome depression

1. Get support from friends and family. Talk to someone about how you are feeling. It can be difficult to open up about your feelings of depression but having someone to listen to you can be really helpful and may provide some relief.
2. Try not to bottle up your feelings of depression. Letting them out can help you feel better about yourself and your life.
3. Exercise is a great way to reduce the symptoms of depression by releasing endorphins in the body that create a feeling of well-being, providing distraction and even giving you some alone time to think things through. Simply 30 minutes a day of walking or running can do wonders for anyone’s mood, health, and ability to relax and enjoy life.
4. Keep a journal of your positive and negative thoughts throughout the day so that you can get perspective on how they influence your emotions and behaviours over time. This is an excellent exercise for both tracking and challenging automatic negative thinking (ANT) patterns (i.e., catastrophizing, all-or-nothing thinking, etc.).
5. Avoid using drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication for depression; this can actually make things worse by creating additional problems (i.e., legal issues, health concerns) that add more stress on top of what you’re already experiencing).

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