I am fascinated with the beauty of Chimda Emeneke yet her commitment to scholarship has held me perpetually spellbound. She is beautiful, pretty and elegant. Chimda is a woman who knows that beauty is not enough. She has written several awarding winning novels in fiction. I keep wondering how she has been able to manage the continuous advances from men and stay focus on her writing career. I am attracted to Chimda because of my childhood experience of her. Few years ago, Chimda lived some few miles from my family house near Ahaba village in Eastern Nigeria. The beauty of Chimda resounded on the lips of all the men in our community. Her beauty superimposed that of her peers.

Uncle Chike could  spend the whole day talking about the contour lips and curly eyelashes of Chimda. He compared her beauty with the youngest daughter of Zeus. On few occasions, I caught my uncle peeping at Chimda through the window pane of our bathroom. His protruded eyes followed every movement of her lanky legs and rounded hips.

One cosy evening, Uncle Chike could not sedate the random flow of romantic electrons in his body which had been accentuated by the elegance of Chimda. He saw Chimda going to the stream to fetch water. He summoned all the courage that he lacked and followed her behind. When the road was lonely, Uncle Chike called out her name aloud but she refused to stop. He ran up to her and began to tell her about his exploit in the village. Certainly, everyone in the village knew my uncle for his brilliant hunting escapades. My uncle who had won an award for eloquence during the last ‘New­ Yam’ festival began to stammer with words. Chimda kept a straight face and continued her journey to the stream. When they got to the stream, Uncle Chike snatched water pot from her head and swam to the middle of the stream to fetch the purest possible water which the stream could afford. Chimda delightfully thanked my uncle. Uncle Chike continued his mission with a renewed vigour. Chimda listened to the bubbling sound of love that busted out of his mouth. She gazed at the contagious smiles that beamed from his face.
She sniffed in the sweet smell of Coriander perfume that my uncle offered her. The distant blue sky came down with its soft radiance on the love birds. Suddenly, Chimda shouted no several times. She asserted that studies must come first before any form of romance. She crossed the crush of my uncle. My uncle made further appeals; he carried the pot of water to her home; but all appeals fell on deaf ears. Chimda remained resolute and focus on acquiring a sound education.
I share a lot in common with Chimda. My friends always comment that I am very beautiful. It has been very difficult staying focus on my academics and managing the unending advances from male counterparts. I love creative writing. The thought of writing a book dreads me. I wish I can reach out to Chimda. If I am able, I will like to talk to her about my personal struggles as a woman; how she was able to write her first award winning book as an undergraduate and how to balance scholarship and relationship. Young ladies are encouraged to imitate the virtue of Chimda who is a woman who knows that beauty is not enough.
Written by Charles Egbon
photo courtesy: www.pinterest.com
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