Tell the Truth with a Human Touch

Tell the Truth with a Human TouchHow to Tell the Truth with a Human Touch

 The only way to tell the truth is to tell it rightly, to
speak it gently, to act it kindly – at the right person, at the right time,
always with commonsense and human tact

Before telling the truth, one should ask, “is it right?”, “is it prudence? “,” is it convenience? “
A sultan called one of his seers and asked how long he would lived.
” Sire”, said the seer, ” you will live to see all your sons dead”
The sultan flew into a rage and handed the prophet over to his guard for persecution. He then called a second seer, and asked him the same question. “Sire” said the prophet, ” I see you are blessed with a long life, so long that you will outlive all your family.”
The sultan was delighted and rewarded the prophet with gold and silver. Both prophet knew the truth, but one has tact, the other did not.

Anyone wishing to communicate effectively must somehow come to a sensitive understanding of the psychology that is going to translate every word into the psychological language of the person being spoken.

To tell the truth bluntly may generate hatred, disharmony in the family, between parents and children, between husband and wife ; may raise opposition in the office or in the factory, because man is basically proud, doesn’t like criticism and secondly he may like to live in an illusion or follow a story with seeming truth.

It is difficult to tell the truth to a patient, but, at times, it is necessary. If the truth of the pathological condition is told with tact and human touch, it will be of great benefit the patient and even create closer relationships.

Speak well and clearly. To get your message across, you need to think through what you want to say. Decide what your point is and what you want your listeners to understand, think, feel or do. Be generous with praise, but cautious with criticism. Every effort must be made to tell the truth with love and empathy.

Tell the Truth with a Human Touch!

J. Maurus. Living Moments of Truth

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