There is something great in every human person. Be Patient with Slow Learners

Thomas, an eight year – old boy,
rather sickly and partially deaf, very far behind his peers in class. Teachers
tend to be easily angry with him because he was slow to pick up.

His class-mate
were quick to make fun of him. Thomas lived in an unkind world. But he had a
mother who was happy to have him, a mother who would sit with him each evening,
and listen to how badly his days has been.

One day Thomas came home with a
letter from the headmaster of his school. Thomas was being expelled because his
brain was too slow. His mother did not fuss much about the letter. She hugged
Thomas saying everything would be okay. She knew he was slower than most
others, but she believed Thomas would learn if lessons were taught to him with
love. She worked on teaching him herself at home. It began to work. Pretty soon
Thomas started to device knew things, inventing this and that- a lot of them
silly in the beginning.

When Thomas finally died, a whole
nation – the people of the United State of America – honoured him by switching
off the lights throughout the entire USA for one minute. This is the Thomas
whom his expelled from school because his brain worked slower; the one whose
class mates laughed at. This was Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb and
phonograph (voice recorder).

There is something great in every
human person.

Let us love children!

Let us be patience with those who are slow in learning!

Some picture Quotes of Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison attempted for 9,999 times without success, It was on the 10,000th try that light came up.

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