Giving a Chance to the Less Privileged


Giving a Chance to the Less PrivilegedGiving a Chance to the Less Privileged: Until his resumption as the principal of Future Hope Secondary School some fifteen years ago, only about two to six of the dozens of students finish their secondary education.
The rest simply dropped out. They are victims of drugs, cultural influence of early Marriage for the girls, but the underlying factor is that of poverty. Most of them came from below poverty level households. For the past 10 years St. Vincent de Paul Society has provided funds for skill acquisition and also for those who wanted to attend higher institutions.

Oke was one of those who benefited from the benevolence of St. Vincent de Paul. In her final year in Notredam University, she wrote ” I was born without a silver spoon, and in the slum, but my life is not depicting someone from this background. My academics has been splendid so far. I have been involved with various groups: Science club, music Club, the vice president of Nigeria students of physicists. Providential I am the president of National association of science students. My immerse gratitude goes to St . Vincent de Paul Society whose financial support has made me what I am. I am also eternally grateful to my amiable principal Mr. James Momoh”.


Her excellent academic record was amazing, and as a result she got multiple scholarship for Master degree and PhD. Many people combined to give Oke a chance to break the cycle of Poverty, and contribute in making our world a better place. Let us all make significant contributions with our time, talents in helping people like Oke. There are a lots of young under privileged people that need a chance for a better life.

Indeed, it is good Giving a Chance to the Less Privileged

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