The Peasant farmer and His Beautiful Bicycle

The Peasant farmer and His Beautiful BicycleThe Peasant farmer and His Beautiful Bicycle

There was a pleasant farmer who after labouring for thirty years was able to buy a bicycle from his hard-earned savings. The bicycle for him was a product of his heyday and he loved it so dearly. Whenever he went to the village square or his usual drinking spot, he would pack the bicycle in the open which usually won the admiration of passersby.

On one fateful day, he went out as usual for drinking where he drank to stupor. While leaving for his house, due to his mental state, he couldn’t remember his beautiful bicycle. He managed to stagger and got home. Getting into his bed, he slept off immediately. He woke up refreshed and sane the next day only to realize that he left his beautiful bicycle at the market Square. He thought to himself, someone must have stolen the bicycle by now. However, he still went to see what fate had in Stock for him..

Between his house and the market Square myriads of thought and regret flashed his mind. One of the thoughts was the many years he had coped without the bicycle. He pulled himself together until he got to the place where he left the bicycle. To his greatest surprised the bicycle was just as he left it the previous day. Overwhelmed with joy, he rushed and grabbed the bicycle, took it and went home. On getting home he gathered his neighbours and friends to join him in thanking God for protecting his bicycle from being stolen. The climax of the Thanksgiving was in the Church as friends and relations were gathered to that effect.
When coming into the Church, he packed his beautiful bicycle in the Church premises. As soon as the Thanksgiving was over, he beckoned on the clergy to come bless the source of his Thanksgiving. Lo and behold the bicycle is nowhere to be found. It has been stolen in the Church premises.
The story of The Peasant farmer and His Beautiful Bicycle leave us to ask if people becoming less discipline in the Church. What could be responsible? What would be the reason that the bicycle was safe in club and stolen in a church?


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  1. Hmm…well..wat can I say.the world is turning to something else.we humans are responsible for the indiscipline in the society especially in the church.we no longer fear God and his servants but fear morals that can kill only our body

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