THE MEDICINAL BENEFITS OF ONIONTHE MEDICINAL BENEFITS OF ONION:  Onion is one of the potent natural anti-biotics. It strengthens the immune system, thus helping to ward off common infections. For over 15 years, I have been recommending Onion for many sick people, and the results have been positive. Chew a small bulb of a raw onion every night. It’s as simple as that. As a starter, you may take half a bulb instead of one bulb and gradually increase it to one bulb.

Onion has been proven to lower harmful cholesterol level in the blood. This is understandable when one considers the fact that Onion is rich in fibrinolytic substances that help to break up blood clots and to prevent coagulation. This makes Onion indispensable for many Nigerians who consume a lot of fat and butter. Lowering of harmful cholesterol level in the blood is one of THE MEDICINAL BENEFITS OF ONION.

Onion helps to lower blood sugar. This hypoglycaemic or anti-diabetic property of Onion is due to the presence of glycoquinine. Those who are afraid of developing diabetes because their parents have diabetes should make friend with Onion, as it is excellent prevention against diabetes. One of THE MEDICINAL BENEFITS OF ONION is that it prevents diabetes.

Onion strengthens the blood cells that protect the body against micro-organisms. If these cells are weak, the body becomes prone to viral infections. Onion also destroys cancerous cells in the body. In Nigeria, cases of cancer, especially of the breast, are increasing daily. I wish to suggest that our women should take Onion as much as possible. strengthening the blood cells is also one of the medical benefits of onions.

Onion purifies and strengthens the liver and the kidney and as well as cleanses the blood. Onion is an excellent remedy for hepatitis, which is becoming common in Nigeria these days. Do you suffer from resistant typhoid fever, inability to sleep well, low sperm count? Try Onion and see the difference it makes! Onion has been of help to men who experience weak erection or low libido. Regular intake of Onion is recommended for women who experience premature menopause and anovulation (inability to ovulate). It works. Another of the medical benefits of onion is that it purifies and strengthen the kidney and liver.

In cases of sickle cell anaemia, Onion has been of invaluable help. Onion is rich in enzymes, which helps in the production of blood. Onion contains iron and trace elements, which are often lacking in sicklers.

Many people are surprised to hear that Onion is an excellent remedy for insomnia because most of us take Onion as spices very often. However, the quantity we take is not enough to effect significant changes in the body. The recommended dose is to eat one whole bulb of a raw onion every night. Alternatively, you could blend four bulbs of onions with one litter of honey. Dosage is one shot (20mls) twice daily. Prevention of Insomnia is also one of THE MEDICINAL BENEFITS OF ONION

 By Fr. Anselm Adodo OSB 


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