Atiku and Buhari and The Space In The Middle

Atiku and Buhari and The Space In The MiddleAtiku and Buhari and The Space in the Middle

In the hearts of every young man and woman reading this, who mean well for our country; in the hearts of men and women devoid of sentiments: tribes, religion and selfish gains — We not only have a clear idea of the Nigeria of our dream, but more importantly the leaders that will make that dream a reality.

We know in all sincerity that Buhari does not only represent the impossibility of that dream coming to pass but the possibility that with him we may not even be alive in the first place to even dream. He is like the thief at the left hand. To some, he is not just the thief, he is the “Bad” thief.


Still in the spirit of being sincere to ourselves. That people shout #Atikulated all over social media does not mean that they trust Atiku hundred percent to be that leader that will make those dreams come true. One of the reasons for all the #Atikulation is primarily because of the presence of the ‘Bad thief’. Most #Atikulators are simply operating on the principle that: the person who will be able to catch the bad thief, must at least be a thief. Atiku is the thief, he stands at the right hand. To some, he is not just the thief, he is the “good” thief. He is considered so because there is nothing more urgent now than unseating the “bad” thief to a peaceful rest in Daura, and Atiku seems to have the potentials to do so.


The choice before us for 2019 is standing at the right, while the other is at the left. This is where our greatest problem lies: almost in all our elections, we are always “blessed” with the one at the left and the one at the right to choose from, but often NO ONE AT THE MIDDLE. This type of blessing needs to be rejected.
To all the presidential candidates from other up-and-coming parties, this MESSAGE is from our hearts.


To Kingsley Moghalu – who is 55 years old, Fela Durotoye – who is 46 years old, Donald Duke – who is 56 years, Omoyele Sowore — who is 47 years old, Oby Ezekwesili – 55 years old etc there is always a space missing anytime we are ready to vote. The space is wider this time. That space keeps begging to be filled. THE SPACE IS AT THE MIDDLE .


This is the time to do something. Desperate times need desperate people. The president of our dreams will never win any election in this present Nigeria as long as they do not do something beyond the usual of simply creating a party, declare themselves as presidential candidates and start writing beautiful ideas via social media.


Don’t pretend that you are not seeing what is happening in PDP and APC and the fact that no one even remembers that your parties are even existing. Okay sorry, I just lied… At least your family members will remember. Unfortunately, this is not family members election.


The truth is that Nigerians love you and see something great in each of you, but now is the time to show us that you truly qualify as leaders that can see the signs of the time and find an immediate solution to it.


Now, what stops you all from calling yourselves for a serious meeting? Merge your parties as one. Synthesis your ideas into one. Create something unique, something we have never seen before. Make Nigeria feel that you all are a team, working for a common goal. Choose among yourselves who will be president, vice, Senate, party Chiarman etc. Since your aim of going for the post is primarily to put Nigeria where it belongs, it should not matter in your team who is the president, minister etc. Make your salaries equal since it is not about money you want to be president, unless you are thieves In disguise.


Imagine a situation in which voting for Kingsley Moghalu is also voting for Donald Duke and Fela Durotoye and Ezekwezili together. . . Awesome isn’t it?


If by now, you all still think that individually you have a chance of winning the election, then I am sorry to say that you are not only unfit to even be compound caretakers in a house in Ilaje Lagos, but Buhari even in his ‘lifelessness’ is far better than all of you put together.


If you all cannot read this simple sign that concerns your own career and think of something to do about it, how can we even entrust our lives to you when we know we have BokoHaram on one hand, Fulani terrorists herdsmen on another? How will you be able to read the signs as presidents and take proactive steps to defend us?


Did you notice the overwhelming support Atiku started gaining for simply picking Peter Obi as vice president? The reason is because, Obi has something that represent the type of leadership we look for, that same thing that you all have and even more. Left for many, Peter Obi is better qualified to be the president than Atiku.


I know you all tried this meeting once but it did not work out, but that was then when things were not clear like now. Try again! If you cannot unite together when your common goal is to give Nigerians a better leadership, then how can you unite all Nigerians that do not even have same goals. Show us an example to convince us that you are the one “in the middle of the two thieves”.


Even if you don’t make it in this coming election, watch how you would have succeeded in buying every one over to yourselves for next election, and even put those who were elected on their toes since they know there is a coordinated team of leaders loved by Nigerians. With this, indirectly, you have even started solving the Nigeria problem.
Make no mistake about this, Nigerians will not stick their heads for you even in 2023 unless you give them enough reason today. Until you do this, let the “good thief” wins.
Now that I have finished preaching, can someone help me Atikulate it to them???
Written by Ugwu Kelvin
Image by Uche Asogwa


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